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A little insight

Our busy Gelato Shop is packed floor to ceiling with all sorts of goodies. We support small and local producers by offering a wide selection of their products catered to your needs. So you can indulge yourself, guilt free. Come in and be creative with how you want you gelato, cake, coffee, tea, cocktails and milkshakes


Luxury Gelato

Our luxury gelato is made from whole milk and double cream which is what gives it a smooth texture and extra creamy flavour. We also have diary free gelato made using almond milk and as with our diary options provides that great smooth texture.


Whether its a cocktail or a beer we have you covered. Our classic cocktails are sistered with our own gelato cocktails with a modern twist. The wine rack is full and the beer is always cool. We also have over 30 different spirits for you to choose from.


What’s Dibbleys without our luxury gelato. Pick which of our gorgeous gelato you want or mix and match your flavours. Want diary free we have the flavours for you. Pick from our over 30 sauces and toppings and your cone type and size



 When you have great gelato like we have at Dibbleys it’s only natural to also have great milkshake. Pick what flavour gelato and gourmet sauce you want and let the team do the rest. Looking for that bit extra then add cream, marshmallow or any of our toppings to create your own unique milkshake.

Coffee and Tea

Wether your having your favourite morning coffee or an afternoon iced tea then our Baristas are on hand to make your favourite drink. Looking for something different to your Frappe or Frappuccino then try the Dibbleys must have coffee express.


Celebration cakes

Who doesn’t love a slice of cake! We call these our celebration cakes as the themes  change and they are not just 1 tiered, not just 2 tiered but 3 tiered. Now that’s a big cake



We have a wide selection of wines and gins along with traditional cocktails and as you would expect a Dibbleys twist to create our unique cocktail creations. Looking for something more traditional then how about trying a beer or craft ale

Gift Vouchers

Know someone who needs Dibbleys in their life then how about one of gift vouchers?

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